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Diplomarbeit, Projekte und Entwurfsübungen, 1997–2007




Diplomarbeit "Unterirdische Eisenbahnstationen an Hochleistungsstrecken
am Beispiel Tiefbahnhof Mürzzuschlag am Semmeringbasistunnel"


gesamte Diplomarbeit als PDF, 7 MB





changing strategies students initiative
"Do You still want to save the world, mr./mrs. architect?", 2002
"buy buy architecture", 2003

seit 2001 jährlich stattfindendes interdisziplinäres Architektursymposium
organisiert und veranstaltet von Studenten der TU Wien
in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Institut für Hochbau 2701


Changing Strategies is the title of an annual talk about architecture and correlating topics, created and organised entirely by a group of students of architecture at the Technical University of Vienna. Changing Strategies basically intends to be a meeting point for eccentric people who allow themselves the luxury to think different, to talk about beauty and to drink champagne.

As the title implies, we feel the need to change strategies concerning the perception and the significance of architecture. During our studies, we have reached the point where we feel like living in an ivory tower, hiding on the spire chamber and loosing the connection to the base. Our teachers demand us to shape buildings they never could realise one to one among themselves in order to satisfy their own desire for poetry and creativity.

Typical architectural debates are becoming solely stages for known individuals and architecture itself is hiding more and more behind a façade. By changing our role from the listener to the questioner, we want to enrich our perception independently. Our aim is to stimulate speakers from various disciplines to improvise – to abandon their daily argumentation by taking the chance to communicate with a young audience.

Therefore we ask you to…

...be inspired by architecture,
...become aware of architecture and
...get involved with architecture again!



Im Rahmen der Veranstaltung 2005 entstand der Teeturm





Zentralbahnhof Wien
Entwurfsübung am Institut für Hochbau 2, zusammen mit Thomas Scheiblauer 2002–2003;
Publikation in der Zeitschrift peiler - aspekte der planung 2003



Studentenwettbewerb "Schindler Award - Access for All"
Entwerfen am Institut für Architekturtheorie mit Jakobus Schlager, Juli 2006



Kuppel aus aufblasbaren Stäben für 1. Biennale in Peking
nicht realisiertes Studentenprojekt an der TU Wien mit Michael Schultes, 2004



Fernbusbahnhof Wien
Entwurfsübung am Institut für Gebäudelehre an der TU Wien, Jänner 2006



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